National Dog Day Shortbread10
Corsair backlit keyboard lineup gets new Lux models6
Nixxes turns out another Deus Ex: Mankind Divided patch19
Upcoming Samsung CF791 is a high-contrast FreeSync ultrawide26
Deals of the week: an unlocked Skylake CPU for cheap and more17
Thermaltake View 27 case offers a birds-eye view of builds23
PCIe 4.0 won't actually deliver 300 watts from the slot55
iOS 9.3.5 fixes serious zero-day vulnerabilities12
Intel 600P Series SSDs bring NVMe into the M.2 mainstream39
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV offers more pixels and better autofocus61
Adata Ultimate SU800 SSDs use floating-gate 3D NAND11
Thermaltake's Core G3 ATX chassis is slim and trim 16
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  • jkampman_tr: this is a strange new feeling
  • jkampman_tr: Looking at early Rift/Vive performance numbers and it's fascinating, but am I hallucinating or does Oculus perform time warp on every frame?
  • jkampman_tr: To be clear: not worried about manual OCing, specifically interested in cases where users installed OEM utility and activated "OC Mode"
  • jkampman_tr: Any followers on here ever flipped on OC Mode on their graphics card only to get instability? Email me w/your story:
  • jkampman_tr: These drives are going to be a big deal for NVMe/M.2 adoption. 37 cents/gig for a 512GB NVMe drive is a game changer
  • jkampman_tr: Random joys of MacBook Pro ownership: the onboard sound is 💯 💯 💯
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