Philips 278E8QJAB display offers high-end color at a low-end price2
Nvidia green-lights faster RAM on GTX 1060 and GTX 1080 cards8
Nvidia touts GameWorks and performance boosts for DX12 plus FCAT VR8
Nvidia unveils the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti at GDC for $699108
Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless is ready for networking action8
Futuremark unveils new VR benchmarks and Servermark tests11
AMD's next graphics cards will be called Radeon RX Vega49
Public Sleeping Day Shortbread8
Join AMD for some noon-time Capsaicin & Cream60
Porsche Design's Book One takes a page from the Surface Book11
Kingston DCP-1000 SSDs are ready for the datacenter7
Nokia 6 phone rises from the ashes with clean Android31
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  • jkampman_tr: Gearing up for one final test run. Tomorrow you rest.
  • jkampman_tr: We're inventing metrics in the TR staff chat. "Cores per instruction" is our current muse.
  • jkampman_tr: More CPU reviewer problems: you think you have a lot of thermal paste and then suddenly you don't
  • jkampman_tr: @TMFChipFool Easy to post big percentages when you have an architecture as pokey as Bulldozer/Piledriver to use as a baseline 😛😛😛
  • jkampman_tr: I've never been bitten by DRM before this morning, but now I've been bitten hard enough to be turned against the stuff.
  • jkampman_tr: @BradChacos I'm livid. Why does this stupid limit exist? I paid for the friggin' product. Serves me right, I guess.
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