Razer Electra V2 offers affordable immersion0
Samsung 360 Round camera captures the world from all angles6
National Seafood Bisque Day Shortbread5
MSI GS63 Stealth laptop flies under the radar with a GTX 10505
Zotac GTX 1080 Ti ArcticStorm Mini proves that size doesn't matter24
Aorus X9 packs two GTX 1070s in a slim chassis14
ROG Strix X370-I and B350-I are itty-bitty boards for Ryzen builds15
Qualcomm shows progress on 5G mobile broadband21
Samsung foundry train stops at 8-nm LPP before heading to EUV26
Wednesday deals: a Ryzen combo, mechanical keyboards, and storage10
RX Vega prices inch downward in our latest graphics-card spot check45
HP ZBook x2 detachable is a consummate professional8
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  • jkampman_tr: @TMFChipFool Like, fabricate a standardized test chip incorporating certain features and measure it. Nobody would e… https://t.co/zFKHXNDxLb
  • jkampman_tr: @TMFChipFool As a reporter I would prefer it if somebody (including Intel) would settle on a way of reporting these… https://t.co/1DSlCvQJHy
  • jkampman_tr: I mean, what do you call a 10% area reduction (kudos to Samsung for that disclosure, at least)? A tenth-shrink? Not even a half- or quarter-
  • jkampman_tr: At least one article I've seen claims Samsung is "leapfrogging" Intel again with nothing to back that up beyond the fact that 8 < 14.
  • jkampman_tr: If you use marketing-approved nanometer numbers to analyze a given process versus competitors at this stage, I don't know what to tell you.
  • jkampman_tr: @TMFChipFool There's definitely a bit more homework involved in getting a good entry-level FS display, but not $hun… https://t.co/ATDl24poJM
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