TR's April 2015 peripheral staff picksMonitors, mice, and keyboards, oh my 51
Asus' Z97-P motherboard reviewedBudget Z97, the Asus way 25
Semiconductors from idea to productThe story of how chips are made 53
Intel's Compute Stick miniature PC reviewedCommoditization complete 93
Farewell, beloved Rat 75
Rosewill's RK-9000V2 mechanical keyboard reviewedOrdinary in a superior realm 27
The TR Podcast 174: PCIe SSDs and FreeSync displaysPlus corny jokes, new tablets, and lots of listener mail 12
BenQ's XL2730Z 'FreeSync' monitor reviewedFirst of its breed and 144Hz speed 239
Antec's P380 case reviewedA giant reawakens 25
Intel's 750 Series solid-state drive reviewedPCIe storage pillaged from the datacenter 105
The TR Podcast 173: Torquing the TitanPlus sexy mice, listener mail, and musings on VR hand tracking 4
A fresh look at storage performance with PCIe SSDsNew benchmarks for the next storage revolution 51
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The TR Podcast 175: the Zen of chipmaking and ARM's Cortex-A72 revealed4
Elon Musk lays out vision for a battery-powered future122
Asus' 144Hz MG279Q monitor may top out at 90Hz with FreeSync59
Deal of the week: A Bay Trail netbook for $161, free case fans, and more18
DirectX 12 Multiadapter shares work between discrete, integrated GPUs99
Gigabyte's 9-series motherboards are Broadwell-ready46
The TR Podcast will be live on Twitch shortly!3
AMD delays FreeSync support for multi-GPU systems43
Continuum turns Win10 phones and tablets into desktops36
BenQ's curved 35'' gaming monitor updates at 144Hz26
Leaked AMD roadmap schedules 14-nm bonanza for 2016136
MS wants Win10 on a billion devices, will support Android apps113
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