GeForce Experience update streamlines GameStream setup3
Nvidia may update Shield portable with Tegra X112
Report: Intel considering acquiring Altera21
Here's our take on Vulkan, the next OpenGL17
Rockstar releases new GTA V screenshots ahead of April launch36
Weekend Shortbread123
Friday night topic: quadcopters!21
The TR Podcast video 173: Torquing the Titan3
Report: AMD R&D spending falls to near-10-year low86
Deal of the week: Ultra-wide IPS for $750, 16GB DDR4-2666 for $190, plus more48
Broadwell Xeon D lands on Mini-ITX boards34
Half-Life 2: Update mod adds modern polish to old classic61
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  • scottwasson: @willsmith Yeah, that's my fear. :(
  • scottwasson: @willsmith I view that as less than ideal.
  • scottwasson: @willsmith Corel expanded a ~260MB source video from XSplit to over 2GB after I cut out some footage.
  • scottwasson: @willsmith And yeah, 5Mbps, or 5000 Kbps. I mean, atrocities have their limits.
  • scottwasson: @willsmith Yeah, I'm all for bitrate atrocities when the source video is already low-bitrate and the video is going to YouTube.
  • scottwasson: Using Corel VideoStudio. Perplexed why my lowest bitrate option for 1080p30 video is 5Kbps. Handbrake will do a fraction of that.
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