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Minecraft gets native Oculus Rift support
— 6:28 PM on August 15, 2016

Minecraft is such a ubiquitous cultural touchstone these days that it was only a matter of time before it officially arrived on a PC-powered VR...

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Radeon Software 16.8.2 supports No Man's Sky and Paragon
— 11:09 AM on August 15, 2016

No Man's Sky is finally out on PC, but its launch has been a little unsteady. Widespread reports of technical issues plague the ambitious title....

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The next Deus Ex needs a GTX 970 or RX 480 to shine at 1080p
— 10:00 AM on August 15, 2016

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided arrives August 23, and developer Eidos has released the system requirements aspiring augs will need to meet in order to...

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Rumor: Nvidia has a 3GB GTX 1060 in the works with 1152 SPs
— 9:00 AM on August 15, 2016

Now that AMD has released its Radeon RX 470 and Radeon RX 460, the ball is back in Nvidia's court, and some insider...

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Rumor: AMD Zen engineering samples leaked and benchmarked
— 4:29 PM on August 12, 2016

With the recent graphics card releases more or less out of the way, it's now time to turn our collective attention to everything Zen....

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Re-examining the unusual frame time results in our Radeon RX 470 review
— 1:33 PM on August 12, 2016

It's never fun to admit a mistake, but we made a big one while writing our recent Radeon RX 470 review. That piece was...

Type: Blog post Tags: Graphics

Corsair's Hydro GFX is a ready-made liquid-cooled GTX 1080
— 11:18 AM on August 12, 2016

We've briefly examined MSI's GTX 1080 Sea Hawk X graphics card here on TR. That product was developed in collaboration with Corsair, who...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics

Nvidia quadruples year-on-year profits in its FY 2017 second quarter
— 5:44 PM on August 11, 2016

Nvidia has announced its financial results for the second quarter of its fiscal 2017. The company took in revenue of $1.43 billion, up 24% from...

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AMD's Radeon RX 460 graphics card reviewed
— 2:49 PM on August 11, 2016

AMD's Radeon RX 460 graphics card is its first to use the tiny Polaris 11 GPU, which promises a major boost in performance-per-watt for its...

Type: Feature article Tags: Graphics

Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 ArcticStorm is ready to go under water
— 10:30 AM on August 11, 2016

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 impressed us with its performance, but we thought that most users would prefer the price and heatsink of a non-reference...

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Tobii augments Adam Jensen's eyes for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
— 1:26 PM on August 10, 2016

I spy with my little eye. That's likely the new motto of Adam Jensen, the protagonist of the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The...

Type: News story Tags: Input devices Gaming

MSI Radeon RX 460s are small and slot-powered
— 9:01 AM on August 10, 2016

At some point in the last couple of days, MSI quietly updated its website with a pair of new Radeon graphics cards, called simply the...

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SteelSeries' Siberia 800-series headsets go after the high end
— 5:26 PM on August 8, 2016

SteelSeries is no stranger to releasing quality (and often pricey) gaming peripherals. Today, the company has turned its ears towards its Siberia lineup of headsets...

Type: News story Tags: Multimedia Gaming

900 million Android devices host vulnerable Qualcomm drivers
— 3:50 PM on August 8, 2016

It's August, and we're at the height of the summer season. That means beaches, hot weather, cold beer, and large-impact Android device vulnerabilities. The folks...

Type: News story Tags: Mobile computing Software

Radeon Software 16.8.1 is ready for the RX 470 and RX 460
— 3:14 PM on August 8, 2016

I've been putting AMD's Radeon Software 16.8.1 driver through its paces over the past few days, and now the rest of you can enjoy...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics Software

Radeon RX 460 availability check: get 'em while they're hot
— 12:02 PM on August 8, 2016

AMD's petite Polaris 11 GPU has arrived aboard the Radeon RX 460, and while Jeff slaves away at getting the review finished up, we've...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics

In the lab: AMD's Radeon RX 460 graphics card
— 8:13 AM on August 8, 2016

Morning, folks. As you read this, you're no doubt beginning to sort through a deluge of Radeon RX 460 reviews. I'd love to have...

Type: News story Tags: Graphics

Valve licenses its VR tracking tech and APIs for free
— 5:24 PM on August 5, 2016

Looking to develop a VR application, perhaps a headset accessory, or maybe your own VR headset? Valve's got you covered. The company is opening...

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