The antennas arrived

— 1:50 PM on November 30, 2007

October 27, 2007

After a little trouble with FedEx, the four HyperLink antennas arrived (two 30 dBi HG2430G and two 24 dBi HG2424G).

I wasted no time in assembling one of the 30 dBi units and mounting it on the mast I had set up. It took a while, but everything went smoothly. It was bigger than I had imagined, but not as heavy. The whole thing can be put together with just one person, although two would have been easier. It can only be mounted about half-way up the mast because of the guy wires.

I was curious about polarization. On this antenna, the center feed horn can be rotated 90 degrees easily, but I don't see any way to rotate the dish itself without mounting it on a horizontal pipe (and then I would worry about its stability). The antenna's instructions say, "Feed horn must be orientated to grid as shown [feed horn parallel to grid bars] for optimal antenna performance." How much loss are we talking about here? For long-distance links, I suspect that horizontal polarization would reduce interfere from other WiFi signals (which are usually vertically polarized), but it appears that this antenna is only designed for vertical polarization.

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