Intel debuts embedded Skylake-R CPUs with Iris Pro graphics But where will they end up? 81
AMD's Carrizo brings power savings to mainstream laptopsExcavator and GCN combine at 15W 83
Intel's Broadwell goes broad with new desktop, mobile, server variants14-nm chips for everyone 167
The TR Podcast bonus video: AMD, Zen, Fiji, and moreWith special guest David Kanter 54
AMD: Zen chips headed to desktops, servers in 2016Details of its new x86 CPU and plans revealed 250
Inside ARM's Cortex-A72 microarchitectureThe next-gen CPU core for mobile devices and servers 42
Semiconductors from idea to productThe story of how chips are made 56
Intel's Xeon D brings Broadwell to cloud, web servicesA big compute node in a small package 40
AMD previews Carrizo APU, offers insights into power savingsExcavator cores and other innovations to help improve efficiency 115
The TR Podcast 169.5 bonus edition: Q&A intensifiesYou ask, we attempt to answer 5
Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 with the Exynos 5433 processorA Korean import gives us a look at ARM's latest tech 110
AMD's CEO transition is a natural next step 75
Intel's Xeon E5-2687W v3 processor reviewedHaswell-EP brings the hammer down 114
AMD's FX-8370E processor reviewedEight threads at 95W 147
Intel's Core i7-5960X processor reviewedHaswell Extreme cranks up the core count 198
AMD spills beans on Seattle's architecture, reference serverCache networks and coprocessors 46
Intel's Broadwell processor revealedThe 14-nm Core M aims to upend the tablet market 87
AMD's A10-7800 processor reviewed..and the A6-7400K, too 115
Android on x86: A quick look at Asus' Memo Pad ME176C tabletA 7" Bay Trail quad for $149 50
Core i7-4790K 'Devil's Canyon' overclocking revisitedCan a retail chip and a fancy MSI MPower mobo go further? 51
Overclocking Intel's Pentium G3258 'Anniversary Edition' processorLudicrous speed on the cheap 209
Juno dev platform lays foundation for 64-bit Android on ARMBootstrapping a massive transition 34
Overclocking the Core i7-4790KCan Devil's Canyon deliver? 135
A first look at AMD's Kaveri APU for notebooksKaveri goes mobile 61
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Bristol Ridge and Polaris headline AMD's Computex show100
ARM and TSMC validate a 10-nm FinFET test chip 9
Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT makes other coolers look wimpy26
Rumor: Intel Core i7-6950X bares its fangs in Cinebench tests24
Rumor: Early Broadwell-E benches hint at solid performance gains103
Alleged Kaby Lake CPU shows its face in SiSoft Sandra database35
Intel cancels Broxton and SoFIA smartphone SoCs31
AMD completes spin-off of its assembly and test operations32
AMD reveals $293M joint venture alongside Q1 2016 financials109
Intel cuts its workforce by 11% as it releases Q1 financial results174
Intel Apollo Lake SoCs sip less power and offer more performance36
ASRock reveals Intel Broadwell-E desktop CPU lineup48
Intel announces leadership changes for Client Computing and IoT8
AMD lifts the curtain a little bit on its Bristol Ridge APUs 79
Intel's Skull Canyon NUC goes up for pre-order46
Intel download page reveals Broadwell-E Core i7-6950X19
Xeon E5-2600 v4 CPUs pave the way for the clouds of tomorrow71
Intel turns off its tick-tock metronome90
Rumor: Intel may be in talks to license graphics tech from AMD104
A10-7890K and Athlon X4 880K take top spots in AMD FM2+ lineup34
Exynos 7 Octa 7870 brings 14nm FinFET to the mid-range17
Some Zen CPUs may pack 32 cores and eight memory channels183
ASRock kills its SkyOC BCLK overclocking feature67
Soft Machines reveals performance targets for its VISC processors51
AMD puts Excavator on the desktop with the Athlon X4 84595
Gigabyte X99 BIOS updates could hint at Broadwell-E CPU support38
GIMPS distributed-computing project finds the 49th Mersenne prime43
MSI boosts Gaming 24 AIO with Skylake and new graphics cards12
AMD narrows its losses in the fourth quarter of 2015 99
TSMC expects to begin 5-nm production in 202072
MSI releases updated mobo firmware for Skylake freezing bug54
EVGA lets users turn up the BCLK on locked Skylake chips19
Say hello to Seattle with AMD's Opteron A1100 ARM SoC83
Samsung wins Snapdragon 820s as it begins 14-nm LPP production47
Gigabyte presents a barbershop quartet of Xeon D mobos37
Prime95 can cause Intel Skylake CPUs to freeze64
AMD condenses its desktop platforms with Socket AM4147
Intel adds new processors to its Skylake and Broadwell lineups38
Intel completes its acquisition of FPGA maker Altera12
UC Boulder microprocessor talks to its memory with light35
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