HandEra 330: Improving Palm's platform

Making the Palm platform better
— 12:58 AM on July 10, 2001

HANDERA IS NO STRANGER to Palm-based PDAs. Formerly known as TRG, the company made a big splash in the handheld space with its TRGpro—basically a beefed up Palm III with Compact Flash support and enhanced audio. It was quite a success in the business sphere. Now HandEra has offered up another rendition of the Palm platform. This time it's called the HandEra 330, a PDA with its sights set on the enterprise and business markets, but with the potential to appeal to a much wider audience.

The 330 is yet another player in the increasingly diverse world of PalmOS-based PDAs. Apart from those manufactured by Palm itself and Palm models rebranded by IBM, there are offerings from Handspring and Sony, as well as a few other players rumoured to be entering the fray in the near future. Can the 330 find its niche in this burgeoning handheld market? What does it have to offer that the others don't? Let's find out.

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