Hitachi's Deskstar 7K250 Serial ATA hard drive

The Deskstar lives
— 12:00 AM on March 15, 2004

A YEAR AND a half ago, IBM sold the bulk of its hard drive assets to Hitachi for a cool $2 billion. Those assets were spun into Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, which has continued to develop IBM's former Deskstar ATA and Ultrastar SCSI lines. Hitachi Global Storage Technologies' latest addition to the Deskstar line is the 7K250, a 7,200-RPM Serial ATA hard drive available in capacities as large as 250GB. I snagged a 7K250 for testing, and I've put the drive through a punishing gauntlet of benchmarks. Read on to see how the Deskstar fares against its Serial ATA competition.
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