The making of the new Damagebox

Building a new dual-core system
— 12:00 AM on November 2, 2005

EVEN THOUGH I run a computer hardware website and spend my days playing with all of the latest goodies, I don't actually upgrade my own PC all that often. I learned long ago not to stick review hardware into my own PC, for fear of messing up the main system on which I do my work. Swapping cutting-edge hardware in and out of your computer constantly is like doing cartwheels on a high wire—you're seriously asking for trouble. Besides, moving all of your stuff from one PC to the next is a trying process, and I'd rather avoid it whenever possible.

My last PC upgrade was just over two years ago, though, and I recently decided that it was time for me to upgrade again. Of course, it didn't hurt that PCs have gained a broad range of nifty new features over the past couple of years. The combination of dual-core processors and Native Command Queuing for SATA hard drives promises new heights of multitasking bliss in desktop PCs, and I can't very well prattle on about the creamy smoothness of SMP without partaking of its delights myself.

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