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Postposted on Fri Apr 05, 2002 3:19 pm

I think what I want to do can be done but I am confused by the variety of products available and I would appreciate some advice (free is good).

I am thinking that if I put one of these neat new video cards with TV tuner and DVD capabilities along with a DVD ROM drive I should be able to plug the output from the DirecTV receiver (S VHS output and TOSLINK out for dolby digital) or the digital cable receiver (only has coax analogue output for video; no S VHS or digital out)right into the computer.

What I would like to be able to do is set up the computer along with the audio visual system and be able to display the TV or DVD video in a "window" on the moniter (in this case a Panasonic 32" TV).

My thought is that a digital type moniter should not be required; ie, current TV should work. But, that is only speculation.

Anybody done something like this? If so what equipment are you using and are you pleased with the results?

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Postposted on Fri Apr 05, 2002 11:36 pm

yea, that will work.

I have used a Radeon All-in-Wonder card. Video in is cable and the tuner takes care of decoding the cable signal and displaying it. The Radeon card also decodes the DVD too; the new multimedia center from ATI is a much better piece of software than previous versions.

You can display onto the TV; the only problem is that you cannot switch the channels with the remote - you have to sit at the computer. Unless of course you have a cable box or some other way to switch the channel remotely

Video out is S-video, so you get good resolution on the TV. Audio can be handled through the TV or by a separate A/V system. It can be a pain in the rear to get all the sound levels adjusted right. :sad:

Not quite as convienent as splitting the cable signal to both the TV and the computer, but what the heck, it works just fine
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