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Postposted on Sun Feb 24, 2002 6:51 am

Right, this all come from a conversation with a man I had at the station last night...

So we're sitting there and another bloke, aged bout 17, asks him about one of the trains (which was about 15 mins late that night)...

"It'll arrive about 11:00 and leave about 11:15"

Then he goes on to say how crap the trains are, and how he is only using them because he has to, and he comes out with the best rhyming prose I have ever heard :lol:

"You can guarentee that at least once a week,
One of the trains will be up the creek..."

Okay, so it's not that great, but at the time I thought it was funny :lol:

Anywayz, he eventually went on to complain about how Britain was crap and as soon as he had the money, he was gonna "emigrate to Lanzerote" (Spelling?)

So this 17-year old asked him if he smoked, and that he should, because he was so stressed :smile:...

And I was just wondering, is this how it is all around the world? What's the latest pet peve in America etc. etc.

Anyone planning to emigrate to Britain? :eek:,
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Postposted on Sun Feb 24, 2002 2:05 pm

Read the reply thread to last Friday night topic. Country bashing is alive and well, as is sometimes over zealous pride in ones country of citizenship.

It's particularly bad in the states right now, with this war not war on terrorism going on. Flags everywhere, red white and blue everything, its really disgusting. You can now buy patriot products for anything you can think off. Actually I am yet to see red white and blue toilet paper, but who knows, maybe it's out there. Apparently it's the "cool" thing to do right now. And Americans are nothing if not into their fads.
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Postposted on Sun Feb 24, 2002 3:32 pm

Freaking Americans. I'm moving in with Diss.
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Postposted on Sun Feb 24, 2002 7:27 pm

I'm sure you can get Red white and blue toilet paper, it probably just has to be pH sensitive :lol:

Besides, I wasn't really on about country pride... I kinda wanted this to be a place you could bitch about your country, kinda like the bloke I mentioned in my little story...

As for England, it's really cold at the moment, which isn't very good. There was a Worthington Cup Final in football (soccer) in which they put the roof over because it was so windy :eek:

Oh, and working @ McDonalds really peeved me off today, not only did I nearly have a migraine, when I told the boss he kept winking at me as if to say "Oh, I gotcha..." and then I got bossed around and generally made to feel like crap all day...

Fun fun fun in Blightyworld,
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Postposted on Mon Feb 25, 2002 5:28 am

As a foreigner living in the UK I would agree with the comments about lack of investment here - the infrastructure is pretty knackered.

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