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Postposted on Tue May 01, 2012 12:05 pm

kamikaziechameleon wrote:Ok, so let me get this straight. Microsoft sold you a POS piece of hardware. Sad but fair, you bought a game on that hardware, ok well your mistake. Hardware died... Ok well as it was your 3rd RROD I think you knew it was coming. You pirate on the preferred platform, there by not supporting it but only condemning it. Paying for it twice is LEGALLY and MORALLY the right move. Buying it for xbox was your fault and not EA's. At most you could blame Microsoft except there is an old saying, "fool me once, same on you... " You get the idea. Spending 120 dollars to play a game is your own fault... wait it is already discounted down to 40 on amazon and was on sale for 30 in the past week. Now you are just looking silly. Return your copy or craigs list it for better cash and you can probably get the pc version at next to no loss, maybe 5-10 dollars.

End of the day of the two parties who might be at fault in this you reach out and steel from the 3rd party who didn't wrong you in this exchange and you get self righteous about it. Amazing.

What? You're making no sense whatsoever! Of the current gen consoles, the Xbox has had the lowest reliability, but I also buy them for less than £100. My total XBox purchase cost isn't that different to my graphics card costs alone.

Secondly, software purchase, thanks the the EULA is a rental license - companies are trying hand-over-fist to tell us that we rent the software off them, and never actually own it. If I buy a game, I am not buying the disc, I am buying the right to use the software. Morally, I have paid the developers and publishers for their efforts and I am happy with that - I can sleep easy at night. If you can't handle that, then please enjoy frothing-at-the-mouth during your nerdrage if it makes you feel better.

Thirdly, where did you get $120 from? It cost me £29.99. You are pulling numbers out of thin air like a deranged accountant on crack!

Finally, in reference to selling on Craigslist, this is worse than piracy. It's just as much a breach of the EULA and more importantly, it's actually damaging to retail sales, since people prepared to pay money for the software will be buying a copy in a way which gives no money whatsoever to the people responsible for making it. Piracy, at least, is traditionally viewed as "people who pirate a game are unlikely to have ever bought it in the first place".
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