Need advice on high end laptop.

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Need advice on high end laptop.

Postposted on Thu Aug 19, 2004 1:24 am

This is not for me but a friend who I proudly convinced to return his $2400 powerbook. :P

He has 2400 bucks to spend and wants something pretty high end. I've found a few:

emachines- 6811 looks good to me but worried a little about emachine quality
compaq/hp- weak gfx with Athlon64 offerings, better with p4's but its a p4 :-?
dell- XPS looks like it has potential (mobile 9800!) but it's friggin huge!
alienware- cheesy and out of budget

any other suggestions?

Main uses: dvd shrinking/burning, web graphics/flash, gaming, and folding. Nice displays and widescreens are a plus, along with a moderate size and weight.
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Postposted on Thu Aug 19, 2004 1:46 am

i'd go with the xps anyway :D

EDIT:i went to dell's site and configured a 9100:

p4 3.2
WUXGA widescreen 1920x1200
xp pro
free printer
1gb RAM
256mb radeon 9800 <----amazed
8x cd/dvd burner
60GB hard drive
internal b/g wireless
for $2694-275 rebate = $2419

great specs for the machine...i'd be quite jealous
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Postposted on Fri Aug 20, 2004 3:51 pm

i would say wait justa little while - for the best gaming lappy yould would want a amd64 3700 / ati 9800 - the new 3700 kit is low wattage built on .09 nano. I would say wait for voodoo. the Hp grafix makes me vomit the need the hell slapped out of them for pairing the chip with those grafix.
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