expected performance with E3000 and PPTP with encryption

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expected performance with E3000 and PPTP with encryption

Postposted on Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:23 pm

Hey all,

I have an E3000 with ddwrt that I'm using to connect to a PPTP server. I'm located in Rome, and VPNing to a server in New York.

Now, according to speedtest.net, I get about 10 Mbps down without the VPN to both local servers and NY based servers.

However, when I enable PPTP, and run speedtest to those same NY based servers, My connection speed drops to 3-4 Mbps.

I was told that the degredation is related to both PPTP overhead as well as cpu liminations on the router slowing the encryption.

1) Is PPTP really that chatty?
2) Is PPTP encryption really that CPU intensive? (I don't notice that the router load is all that high)
3) Would OpenVPN (SSL-based) VPNing be faster? I was under the impression that OpenVPN is faster than PPTP, but poking around on the net, I see sources going both ways.
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