UniFi AP setup - need help.

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UniFi AP setup - need help.

Postposted on Mon May 26, 2014 10:17 am

I purchased a Ubiquiti Networks UniFi AP to extend the range of a wireless router. The box I received does not have a program CD. Should it?

I contacted Ubiquiti tech support. Their quick reply was:
Contact your local reseller for UniFi installation CD.
Download the latest UniFi software from the link.

I downloaded the device discovery tool which I know is needed. I cannot find anything related to setup. Am I missing something on that page? Do I need a firmware upgrade?

Appreciate your help.
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Re: UniFi AP setup - need help.

Postposted on Mon May 26, 2014 12:01 pm

The UniFi software is also the firmware. You just install the software and it gives you the option of upgrading the AP firmware once you've adopted the AP. Pretty simple, really. Have you installed the software? What version is it?

Edit: Still waking up here. The UniFi software 'setup' is done in the Administration tab, where you set the SSID and security type. That's pretty much it for the setup. To configure the AP, you select it from the Access Point tab and you can fine tune it from there. If you've got a floorplan of your house, upload that and you'll be able to place the AP and get a reasonable estimation of coverage.
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