Using Mac policy to force-enable automatic login

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Using Mac policy to force-enable automatic login

Postposted on Fri Jun 14, 2013 9:50 am

My university has just gotten a Mac server running 10.8 so we can manage our Macs with policy, roll out software automatically, etc.

I'm setting up a public-access "lab" of iMacs running 10.8 and I want to set them up to do automatic login to the guest account, so changes get automatically reverted without having to buy DeepFreeze or whatever. I've successfully followed this gude to customize the guest account template with dock icons and settings.

My problem is that there's some policy or something I can't find that's graying out the option to enable auto logins.

We've got device groups on the Mac server with some policy set, and I can also set policy on a per-Mac basis (per-Mac policy overrides per-group). I've checked the group my test mule is part of & I don't see any policies there disabling it. I've got a per-Mac policy set up that leaves the "disable automatic login" checkbox un-checked. I've looked at the Profiles entry in the iMac's System Preferences and I don't see any policies listed there which disable the autologin either.

Any suggestions?
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