Whats the quality of turbo link PSU's?

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Whats the quality of turbo link PSU's?

Postposted on Sun Jan 12, 2003 6:18 pm

What is the quality of turbo link PSUs found in cheiftec case?
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Postposted on Sun Jan 12, 2003 8:24 pm

I used to work at Fry's and we sold plenty of 'em without problems. So, depending on what you feel, you could go with one. Personally, though, I would use an Antec PS.
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Postposted on Sun Jan 12, 2003 9:43 pm

Hmm.. If you where to say, only plug in a few drives - say 1 dvdrom/cdr - 1 harddrive, and don't use a gf4 ti4600 or a radeon 9700ish video card .. then you'd be ok. Outside of that, I vote crap.
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Postposted on Mon Jan 13, 2003 12:02 am

yeah i'd say crap too. they come free with some antec/chenming/chieftec cases so i wouldnt buy them separate seeing as those some of those cases arent that much. i guess they're okay to use if you buy the case but dont buy them separately.
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Postposted on Mon Jan 13, 2003 1:15 am

Most psus that come with cases outside of antec are garbage. Just go out and buy a good quality one and throw outt the one that comes with the system. When you pay $50 for a case with a psu, you know that the psu did not cost much. I do not trust my system with a cheap psu, it is worth it to get a good one.
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Postposted on Mon Jan 13, 2003 1:24 am

Just get a good Antec or Enermax PSU of at least 350 watts and be done with it. I would actually recommend getting a minimum of a 400 watt PSU just to be safe and to give you some breathing room now and down the road.
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