uATX transplant project

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uATX transplant project

Postposted on Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:06 pm

Does anyone have experience with this board? ... 6813141015

I am thinking about transferring my aging 775 system to a uATX case, so I need a new motherboard. I want to be able to use all four memory dimms. There are only 15 boards on newegg that meet this specification. I'm also trying to spend as little as possible (college student!)

The board that has the most reviews and the best rating is this one: ... 6813121355

I don have anything against intel, it is just $25 more expensive. The XFX board also looks like it has more features, debug led for example and better heatsinks.

I am also trying to decide between the mini p180: ... -_-Product

and the Lanbox lite: ... 6811133045

The p180 is nice by all accounts. It is more expensive and bigger. Suggestions?

The rest of the components would be: E6600, 7900GS(double width), 4x1GB DDR2, 3HDs

Edit: If I go with the p180 I can continue to use my zalman 9700 but If I get the thermaltake i'll need a new heatsink.
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Re: uATX transplant project

Postposted on Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:54 am

Burn the dream Troll!!!!! They cannot regenerate if you use fire after you kill them:)

Sorry no 775 experience,mabey another student loan and a new rig :) JK
As for the case,would go with the p180 bigger more room,better cooling,also more like a standard tower.Another plus it can hold more then 3 HDs and it will be quiet.
Ide stay away from the TT case cooling is inferior plus those 60mm fans are probably whiney like some people,never had much luck with any fans under 80mm,they tend to be annoyingly noisey in there own special way and they dont move much air at all.unless they are delta fans running at 5000rpms and sound like a dang hair dryer.
Or you could go with this ... 6811144140 Featuring two external 5.25" drive bays, and three 3.5" drive bays (one external and two internal) and a removable MB tray,and a handle to move to another dorm as fast as needed.Even comes with a 500watt full size psu with its own 120mm fan,But the PSU is junk you could get lucky and it will work for a bit ,could be DOA or it will work then make you a smoke screen.But the good thing is any standard psu will fit.One more thing,if you are putting a large video card say 6870 in with the pci-e power plug or plugs or any cooling solution that sticks out that are on the side of the card you might have to mod the case a lil bit.But the p180 is the best in terms of exspandability, build quality and quietness.
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Re: uATX transplant project

Postposted on Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:35 pm

I haven't used that particular board but i have used several XFX socket 775 ATX boards and for the most part had no issues, had to run and RMA on one of the 8 boards though. (One of the DIMM slots was bad) Purchased 2 1/2 years ago and they are all still going strong. :)
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Re: uATX transplant project

Postposted on Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:22 pm

I'm still running a s775 on this HTPC.

One thing to consider is that the memory technology is based on the northbrdige, so you can get DDR2 and DDR3. I'm not sure how much performance difference there is between DDR2/DDR3 for an old Core2 chip but DDR3 is cheaper than dog poop these days. You could probably get 4GB (2x2GB) for around $15 and you'd potentially find a better/cheaper/higher-spec motherboard by widening your search to a 2-DIMM model instead of a 4-DIMM board. Intel G41 boards start at around $35 - whilst you don't get awesome new things like SATA-III or USB3.0 or onboard RAID, the intel storage drivers are a whole lot better than anything NVidia make, and there's no way I'd trust Nvidia chipsets with RAID again after my own experiences with the old Nforce2.

As for cases, I'm a fan of the P180-mini but there's no way the word mini belongs in its name. Thermaltake cases are always a disapointment in the design and/or quality department. Fractal and Silversone also offer nice mATX solutions but they're not really good at the low-budget end.
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Re: uATX transplant project

Postposted on Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:03 pm

how did this thread get dug up when the OP was from 2010?
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Re: uATX transplant project

Postposted on Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:47 pm

Even more hilarious is the second post is from Sep 2011!
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Re: uATX transplant project

Postposted on Sat Dec 15, 2012 6:31 pm

I shall set a calendar reminder to comment on the state of S775 in 2016.

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