Slot loading drives

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Slot loading drives

Postposted on Fri Oct 17, 2003 10:47 am

Hey folks. I'm trying to find a slot-loading DVD-CDRW drive. I don't care if it's black silver or whatever... I can always paint it. I just want to know if one exists.

Is there truly only one slot-loading drive out there? The pioneed DVD drive?

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Postposted on Fri Oct 17, 2003 11:48 am

There isn't alot of them left anymore...what with the mini-cdr/rw's being fairly popular (and since they jam slot-loads), I don't think many companies bother with making them. :-?
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Postposted on Fri Oct 17, 2003 4:29 pm

Here is a link to the slot loader on newegg ... 14&order=1 Looks like it is running $37
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Postposted on Fri Oct 17, 2003 5:16 pm

I used to have that Pioneer drive and it is the only slot loading drive I have ever seen. It is only available in beige so I had to replace it when I bought my Lian Li case which is black.
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Postposted on Fri Oct 17, 2003 5:19 pm

I have that drive. Works well but can not play mini CDs with it. I've never seen a CD-RW with a slot loading mechanism.
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