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Postposted on Mon Feb 25, 2002 3:31 pm

I'm in hell.
I have a VIA KT266A chipset based Mobo (Shuttle AK31) and an Athlon XP 1800.
Only after two months of troubleshooting and pulling my hair out do I find out that VIA has a PCI bus implementation problem and my Mobo is useless for video editing(I've tried every patch in existence).
Which chipset based mobo should I get to replace my VIA? N-force, Ali, Sis?
It seems like the VIA outperforms all other, but not in the way it counts for me.

I have to keep my Athlon XP, but I can get a different MOBO. I am doing audio and video editing. Pleae, please help me!
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Postposted on Mon Feb 25, 2002 4:20 pm

What exact problems are you having? Can you elaborate at all? What is it that you're trying to do, using what hardware/software/OS combo?
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Postposted on Mon Feb 25, 2002 8:44 pm

Shuttle AK 31 mobo, Athlon XP 1800+, Windows XP, ATI all in wonder Radeon 7500, Adobe premiere, 512 DDR ram, Promise PCI 133 card, 40 qnd 80 gig Maxtor 740 series 7200 rPM drives, Delta 66 PCI pro soundcard.

I'm using my ATI TV tuner to capture uncompressed AVI analog video. Then I import in into premiere. The video has blocky artifacts in it when opend in premiere(which is a known issue with VIA chipsets. Also during capture I get distortion on the image. All I want to know is if anyone has experience with other chipsets using the Athlon XP processor. I've made up my mind. I'm switching. I just don't know to what yet. My frien has a very similar setup to mine, but he's using a PIII 800(which is slower than my Athlon XP) and he has no issues whatsoever. Same capture card, same software, same hard drives.

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