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Postposted on Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:37 am

IPhone 4S vs iPhone 5? This would be my very first iPhone and I've been reading articles describing the technical comparisons where the iPhone 5 always wins. I just want to hear from actual users on their opinions. Preferably if you've had the iPhone 4S and upgraded to the 5. Is it really worth it?
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Re: iphone

Postposted on Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:54 am

What happened to 5S? It's the newest.

That aside, I had a 4S before and got a 5. Have been using the 5 for about 1.5 years now. I like it. It's still pretty quick, has a larger screen, better camera and wifi. It's also faster. I see no reason whatsoever to buy the 4S anymore.
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Re: iphone

Postposted on Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:29 am

Both are solid phones hardware-wise, but Apple is slipping in the software department. There are kwirks and oddities with iOS that I'm surprised to see in an Apple product. The phones are still worth getting, though.
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Re: iphone

Postposted on Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:35 am

If you are at all interested in LTE for data and/or travel a lot, I'd skip the 4S and the 5 for the 5c at least.
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But if you must choose only between the two, the 4S is fine if you only need to call and message while the 5's bigger screen is better for apps. That said, my wife's iPad Air performs monstrously and if the 5S which sports much the same syscore runs anything like the Air, it would be worth another $100 over the 5/5c.
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Re: iphone

Postposted on Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:03 pm

4 and 4s soon will be hitting the point where apps are not being released for it.
I have the 4s So far I've not seen any not support me. I've seen one app that listed the 4s but not the 4.

The larger issue is that as the phone gets older Apple and Developers tend to drop support for older models.

My old 3Gs gets few newer apps with the stupidest of reasons cited (need front camera or accelerometer for games which use neither) or in the case of one game they just dropped support for no reason once I had it on the phone and it just stopped working, granted the game ran poorly when it was supported, but it did work.

if you are looking at the 5 I'd go 5C, yes the 5 looks nicer but the 5C will be supported longer.
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