LCD19" thinking viewsonic VP191B or VX924 or samsung

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LCD19" thinking viewsonic VP191B or VX924 or samsung

Postposted on Sat Oct 15, 2005 2:20 pm

OK got the computer figured out jsut need a monitor...

I can get the VX924 for $483 cnd vp for got its about 525 if I remember

I tooked at the vx924 at best buy look good they had a demo of Finding Nemo on, I saw a few Samsungs as well. The contrast of the Vx924 was ok but the samsung beside was alot brighter. They didn't have the VP191B so I didn't see that one. I'll prob get the vx because of price and I did see it but anyone have anything negitive to say about it????
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