calling all builders

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calling all builders

Postposted on Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:10 am

Hey Everyone.
I've been working on building a tool aimed at helping system builders find/save/configure/price/share their builds.
I'm at a stage where I would like people in the community to let me know if such a tool could be useful and if not, how it could be changed to make it so.
The real motivation for me to build this tool was to somehow let people save and archive their builds in a searchable database so other people could find these builds and get ideas for builds of their own.
Also it's just fun to see how much the build I built a few months ago would cost me in todays prices.

If you can spare a few minutes please take a look at
And please be patient with the site. It might seem bare and incomplete and that's because its still a work very much in progress.

Thanks a lot
Just trying to be useful
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