Kaveri-based HTPC build

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Re: Kaveri-based HTPC build

Postposted on Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:52 am

Jon1984 wrote:For me, the most dificult component to choose is the case, because I don't see yet in the market much possibilities in terms of mini-ITX cases. But I believe the market will continue to push forward in this subject, giving more offers in this matter.

I look for High Airflow cases to go along with hiding them in a closet or something in that order. I just use USB extension cables/hubs or wireless devices. It makes sound and case looks irrelevant. High Airflow is very relevant and the most important thing a case does. Looks are fine and dandy but if looks take away from keeping my motherboard VRM's cool along with all the other stuff inside the case I will go for UGLY and Functional. I have the HAF 922 coolermaster case and I am very happy with its cooling capability. I wish the Corsair Vengeance Military Green C70 Mid-Tower Gaming Case was out 3 years ago because i would have bought that instead.
Knocking on wood........... I keep my computers very cool and use overly aggressive fan profiles to keep all my components extra cool. I think this is why I have NEVER had any motherboard, video card or any component besides a mouse fail on me since I have been building a using my OVERCLOCKED CPU's and GPU's 24/7 365 days a year since the early 90's. There is just no other explanation of why I have never had a component fail. I know it is not luck since I am about the most unlucky person on the planet.
A cool computer is a happy long living never fail computer in my eyes.
2600k HT on@4705mhz 8gb Cas9 1600 mem 2x EVGA GTX770 4gb Classified cards in SLI @1320 mhz core and 2003 mhz mem,mounted in CM HAF922 with a TX-850 PSU 2xHTPC's 2xi3 2120 3.3ghz dual core,1xasus LP HD6570 1xHIS hd7750@1150core1325mem,55"PanyVT30
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