HD: Intel D845GVSH (almost Mini-ITX) mobos $90.99

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HD: Intel D845GVSH (almost Mini-ITX) mobos $90.99

Postposted on Sun Aug 21, 2005 12:54 pm

$78, plus $12.99 S&H for a 7x7.5" Intel mobo with a passively-cooled CPU. It's got a "1.0B GHz Celeron" on there (read: a Banias with no L2 whatsoever, and 12W TDP (rather than 24.5W for a regular Banias))

It's supposed to blow the C3 1GHz out of the water, though.

So, these might be good for your favorite DC projects, as they're all in one, and they're MUCH cheaper than EPIAs... The only problem is that they used the ICH4L southbridge, which only supports USB 1.1...

Edit: *edity by mod - no eBay links please* is the item...

Also, *edit by mod - again, no eBay links* is a lot of three for $81.33 per motherboard...

* I know we don't have a set of rules for this forum yet, but I can assure you this will be one of them.

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