Photography - playing with lighting

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Photography - playing with lighting

Postposted on Fri Jan 04, 2008 1:22 am

I'm a reasonably long-term reader of Strobistbut I'm only not getting aroung to working on putting together a bit of a lighting kit. Just a quick test of a grid spot with fill somewhat gratuitously provided by an umbrella'd speedlight instead of ambient.

What better test subject than one of my battery chargers just done with filling a spare set of speedlight batteries?
I guess it works. Now to wait for a few more goodies and plan some shooting.
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Postposted on Sat Jan 05, 2008 12:18 am

Now this is a subject that I have yet to fully develop. Hopefully this summer I can invest in a lighting setup for indoor use, but I don't know if that will be possible.

What lighting equipment do you currently use?
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Postposted on Sat Jan 05, 2008 1:10 am

Lighting is a whole different area of technique. From direct to indirect flash, bounced flash, diffusing the light or using softboxes, or reflecting it off an umbrella.

Heh, I think a good setup would be a few flash guns, some light tripods to hold them and a lot of people recommend Pocket Wizards to group them but I haven't tried anything that sophisticated yet. It's more portable as opposed to setting up strobes plugged into the wall.

Definitely something I want to spend more time on this year, to get a feel for it.
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Postposted on Sat Jan 05, 2008 12:59 pm

jobodaho wrote:What lighting equipment do you currently use?
My current lighting inventory consists of:
2 speedlights: 1 Sb600 and 1 vivitar285HV
A lightstand and a couple of umbrellas (somehow I ended up with 2 for christmas)
1 Cactus v2s radio trigger transmitter/receiver set
2 homemade grid spots ( ... art-1.html )
and miscellaneous bits and pieces

In the mail:
another lightstand so I have somewhere to put both lights/umbrellas/whatever
An additional radio trigger receiver so I can trigger both of my main strobes with the same system without them being within 6 in of each other.
A wein peanut optical slave for if I find I need to trigger a strobe optically.
a mini opticalslave flash as a cheap extra fill or effect light

The shot above was just the 285 fitted with my more restrictive grid spot, mounted on my lightstand, and aimed at the charger. I bungied my sb600 to the stand as well and fired it off into the umbrella to provide a little bit of background fill. That wasn't really necessary - ambient fill would have worked fine in this situation but I was playing. It was mostly a test to see if the one radio receiver I had could trigger both flashes since my means of triggering them individually is still on the way.

Here's another shot with a similar setup. We were late for dinner but I got my wife to wait a couple of minutes to test out a quick lighting setup. I used the wider grid spot on the 285 to light up the wall and fired the sb600 into an umbrella to light up her. Once again they were chained off of the same trigger and on the same lightstand (plus we were late) so I didn't really have any time to tweak beyond getting the exposure roughly balanced to where I wanted it. CTB (blue) gel on the 285, CTO (orange) on the sb600, camera WB to incandescent.
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