Smaller (sub-20") TVs/monitors in the US with SCART inputs?

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Smaller (sub-20") TVs/monitors in the US with SCART inputs?

Postposted on Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:17 pm

I know that this one's going to be a hard one, especially because even if they have a SCART input, it may not be mentioned as that. (For example, Samsung (at least used to) call it "EXT(RGB)" as opposed to something more sensical. Well, technically, RGB makes sense, but usually RGB is used to refer to a VGA input, which isn't what I'm looking for.)

The latest that I've been able to find that definitely has SCART is the Samsung 940MW.

Looking through Samsung's monitors now, everything is 23" or bigger.

I'm dealing with a source that's very picky about monitors, most 15 kHz RGB to VGA adapters are flaky at best when handling it, but it seems that SCART TVs work fine. (There may be another route, involving capacitors to bandwidth limit the RGB input into the RGB to VGA adapter, however.)
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