LG 42LV5500 - Unlocking?

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LG 42LV5500 - Unlocking?

Postposted on Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:46 pm

I found a deal on a 42LV5500 and pulled the trigger. It replaces a 27" CRT HDTV, and my wife and I have been waiting for this with baited breath. Well, its got good features (Smart TV stuffs), the wired network connection works well and it plays movies off of my USB Flash drive or over the network flawlessly. That being said, I just read of someone taking their same model TV and enabling the PVR functionality. If what I read was true, all that needs to happen is the TV needs an external HD hooked up, a special or service menu needs to be enabled, and then its a matter of letting the TV initializing the hard drive. In this exact model overseas, this TV has this feature enabled. It will also allow pause and rewind of live tv, in addition to the PVR functionality.

Now then, anyone have any experience with unlocking TV's?
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