need a new point and shoot camera

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Re: need a new point and shoot camera

Postposted on Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:55 pm

cynan wrote:
Airmantharp wrote:
cynan wrote:I think some of the auto correction on the NEX lenses are hard-coaded into the RAW files as well. (Not sure if you can turn them off).

I'm assuming that Lightroom/Adobe Camera RAW/Other isn't being used due to budget concerns, but yeah, most serious RAW converters will be able to make the corrections.

I meant that you don't need fancy RAW processing programs to take care of some of the more serious corrections (to some extent) as much of this is already done in camera, even in the RAW files (ie, they're not quite true raw). Based on speculations such as this...

Lens corrections aren't an issue, except that they by default rob sharpness from every shot, and that the ones built into the RAW files will need support- though I guess that's better than hoping that a particular converter already has a profile for the lens in question. The point is, in short, that using lenses that need significant correction is less optimal and to be avoided.
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