System SLOWER When Overclocked [Confused]...

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Re: System SLOWER When Overclocked [Confused]...

Postposted on Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:53 am

TheWacoKid wrote:
rcs2k4 wrote:Temps still are low across the board, but it's still not as fast as it used to be, so something's changed. This motherboard's old, and I dunno why i'm clinging onto it (It's had 3 CPU's in it already for AM2, 2+ and AM3). Should I just drop it for a shiny new one - I think it's going bad (Some USB ports no longer work as per an older thread of mine)..?

Can you pass the OCCT PSU test with Crossfire enabled?

Nope - It failed after 44 minutes...

GPU: OCCT test barely lasted 3 minutes and Windows BSOD.

A problem with the PSU or Motherboard?
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Re: System SLOWER When Overclocked [Confused]...

Postposted on Wed Apr 27, 2011 4:35 am

CPU should throttle without errors- crashing would indicate instability regardless of throttling. If the GPU side doesn't work, either they're too hot, or they're also not getting enough power or flaky power under load. In either case, go 'test drive' a PSU from whoever you can get one from.
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