New 140mm and 240mm CoolerMaster AIO coolers

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New 140mm and 240mm CoolerMaster AIO coolers

Postposted on Tue Nov 19, 2013 9:40 am

Looking at High TechLegions review of the new 140XL, Cooler Master has addressed this and offers the increased thermal performance of a 140mm radiator with included optional 120mm mounts allowing you to mount a 140mm thick radiator that is made from copper and brass not aluminum to your 120mm Mount. Avery high flow pump and very high static pressure fans. ... epton140xl

Also Cooler Master and Swiftech have teamed up on the Glacer 240L, taking the foundation of the H220 and turning up every aspect another notch. It is still fully assembled and filled out of the box, and uses one of the easiest to use and best engineered install kits ever seen on an AiO liquid CPU cooler. The PWM controlled pump has been boosted to a max of 3500rpm, allowing it to top out at 165lph. ... glacer240l

Both look like great upgrades from what I am using at the moment with my eye leaning towards the 240mm system...but the 140mm system look like it could cool my Sandy plenty to hit 5 ghz maybe 5ghz+ without worrying about breaking 70c. I do not need to run at 5ghz yet but the time will come.
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Re: New 140mm and 240mm CoolerMaster AIO coolers

Postposted on Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:42 am

Can I do a newbie question? Do you think cooling would be a major part in achieving a high overclock at the same voltages, or it only has to do with the binning of the chip itself? I ask this because I can only achieve 4.2Ghz with my current CPU (because applying more than 1.3v will rise the temperatures to high levels >70ºC), I wonder if a more agressive cooling would let me achieve higher overclock at the same voltage because of the lower temperatures.

Or having a more decent cooling will let me apply 1.4v for example to have a decent temperature level to try to rise the clocks, is not certain the chip itself will overclock further because of its binning?

I always question this myself because I could not find a clear answer to it.

Sorry if I'm deviating from the subject of the tread...
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