Using Firefox in XP solve malware, virus problems?

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Re: Using Firefox in XP solve malware, virus problems?

Postposted on Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:55 pm

Captain Ned wrote:
Ryu Connor wrote:

Sysinternals has a tool as well.

Hmm, well under the size limit, so I'm good there. Linux tools recognize VHDs? Gotta admit that a SysInternals tool makes me feel a lot more comfortable about the process.

I think most of the major virtualization tools recognize VHD format, as Microsoft has published the specs. In my experience virtual disk formats tend to be fairly portable; e.g. VirtualBox can use Microsoft VHDs, VMware VMDKs, and its own VDI format, regardless of what the host platform is. (I'm using VirtualBox as an example here just because it is what I'm most familiar with.)
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