Core_65.exe Update for windows. Impt for F@H

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Core_65.exe Update for windows. Impt for F@H

Postposted on Fri May 03, 2002 11:02 pm

A new Core_65.exe update was sent out last week, or the week before which caused a slowdown in the time necessary for completing a WU. It is apparently caused by a newer fortran compilier. They have switched back to an older compilier, and recompiled the program. If you have noticed a slowdown in time, you may want to check the file dates on your core_65.exe, if it's relatively new in modified or created date, I'd suggest stopping F@H, deleting the core_65.exe and restarting F@H; this will have F@H redownload the latest ( non buggy ) core_65.exe.

For more information head here.
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