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Q6600 BSEL Mod

Postposted on Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:02 am

I have many friends, who have bought Q6600 CPU based system from Dell & Acer OEM system builders. This system are running fine, but as far as new games goes, this quad core CPU some times becomes a bottleneck due to it's 2.4GHZ frequency. I personally have a Q6600 CPU which resides in MSI based motherboard so i am able to OC the CPU but what i have found out recently and wished to share with other gerbil is, that there is a way to OC Q6600 to atleast 3 GHZ on system that don't have OC functionality.

The BSEL mod is a bliss to especially those people with OEM system because their mobos don't have OC funtionality.

OK, let's start. First i would take no guarantee that this mod will work 100% for you, so if it doesn't work, please don't come back to me... Google is your best friend. Just type Q6600 BSEL Mod and you will find different solutions available on forums.

My mod is quiet simple, and i had it working on my own system as well as my 5 friends. :wink:

Q6600 processor has a 1066 FSB and when you do a BSEL mod, it's default FSB is changed to 1333, that gives you 3 GHZ frequency.

So what do you need ?

1) Motherboard that supports 1333 FSB CPU.
2) Insulation tape :lol:
3) Q6600 CPU :P

Step 1) Boot the system go in to the bios and change the frequency of RAM, if your default ram speed is 800, change it to 667 MHZ. If your default Ram speed is 667 than change the frequency back to 533 MHZ.

Step 2) Save the settings and switch off the system.

Step 3) Open the system, take out the heat sink and the CPU, use the insulation tape (see the pic below)


Step 4) reset the CPU back into the mobo, fix the heatsink back and reboot the system.

Your system should boot and it's frequency would be changed to 3GHZ without OCing the mobo. :D

Note: This only works on motherboard that supports 1333 FSB, so please don't try on motherboard that doesn't.

Note 2: if the tape mod doesn't work, there are other BSEL mod that can be done on Q6600 please use google to search other forums for solution.

Note 3: I don't have other CPU than Q6600 so i am not sure if other intel CPU can be BSEL modded, but looking at other forums this is doable. 8)

Hope this helps...

Happy New year to all TR gerbils and enjoy the new CPU speed upgrade.
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Re: Q6600 BSEL Mod

Postposted on Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:40 am

That's pretty cool. I'll be looking into this. Thanks. :)
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