My Brazos Build

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My Brazos Build

Postposted on Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:50 pm

In answer to the questions about the SATA controller on the fun little AMD platform, I ran some tests.

Here are my results:
SATA_WDC74G_10k by xylker

This is the SSD I am using as the OS drive.
SATA_OCZ90G_SSD by xylker

[Edit:] See comments thread from the E-350 article for the request for this.
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Re: My Brazos Build

Postposted on Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:09 pm

Thanks for these. Those numbers seem pretty decent.
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Re: My Brazos Build

Postposted on Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:26 pm

You've just convinced me to pick up the ASUS fanless Zacate board. :)
Your ideas intrigue me; I would like to purchase stock in your company.
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