can a dell inspiron e1705 become a hackintosh

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can a dell inspiron e1705 become a hackintosh

Postposted on Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:55 am

Hiya guys & girls,
Here is my dilemma.My Mother has been using PCs for years but never really got the hang of them,she is 67 now.I have never owned or used a macbook or anything besides a iphone/ipad2,i do have both of them.Are macs that much easier to use for say quickbooks,the main program she fusses over,she has been using it for over 5 years and she still stinks at it.
I have a decent dell inspiron e1705 with a t5600 core2duo 1 gig ram and a 7900gs flashed to a 7900gtx with 600 core and 800 mem speeds ran pretty good in its day posting a 5000 3dmark 06 score,but after those details the main question is,Can it be turned into a hackintosh or is it not even worth it??It does have a 200+ gb scorpio black drive in it,but when i made the image of my old drive on it,well it lost its capacity and was turned into a 80gb drive like the hitachi it replaced,but I am not worried about that it was a free drive and i did that years ago,unless there is a quick fix.I just brought it back to life this past weekend with the windowsx xp partition recovery,and a ton of updates and reboots.
Any input if it can become a hackintosh,if its worth it"as in easier for my mom to use"Or should i just bring it to work and use it there?
thanks ahead of time.
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