I needed a new distro

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Re: I needed a new distro

Postposted on Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:27 pm

bthylafh wrote:I was bored and decided to give Arch another chance. That lasted about fifteen minutes once I started going down the list of how to install completely manually. Partitioning is no big deal, nor mkfs or installing the bootstrap packages, but once I got to setting up grub manually I decided I wasn't that bored.

Arch is a good example of a distro I'd probably use if I didn't require utmost stability. Bleeding edge doesn't appeal to me as I'm not exactly a Linux hobbyist or light desktop user. I need something near enterprise workstation grade and I find I get that out of CentOS. Plus I don't dual boot into Windows. I've exclusively been a Linux user since 2000 and enjoy keeping it that way.

If I was way more of a casual user, I could probably get away with using anything that uses the latest and greatest without too much concern.
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