Cube cases revisited

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Cube cases revisited

Postposted on Tue Apr 30, 2002 2:14 pm

Ok, many of you read my Pandora S case review and for those of you that were interested in the case but were put off by the price then I can happily point you to a similar (if not blatantly copied) case being sold in the US at for only $115. From the pictures, it's layout is slightly different than the Pandora-S case (perfect square) and more like the SS50 case (more rectangular).


Unfortunately, they don't tell you much about the motherboard they use in the case but I'm you can call and ask them. Better yet, you can get one and transplant your SV24 motherboard over to a more roomier and equally attractive (if not more) case. The slightly larger case might help heating problems that many people have had.

The 130W power supply seems a little anemic but then again this is a Socket 370 machine. I'm sure there are possible replacements or courageous modders who can easily fix that problem.

Anyways, it's worth a look...
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Postposted on Tue Apr 30, 2002 3:58 pm

Hey Groovyone, what happened to the Freak! site at I liked it a couple of years back, but you didn't update it anymore.
At least I suppose you're the same Groovyone of the Freak site, otherwise, just ignore me then :-)

Update: just checked your site at, it is you :-)
I also noticed we're born on the same day but not in the same year I think, because your horoscope says Ox, I'm Pig/Boar/Swine whatever.
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yes, it's me

Postposted on Tue Apr 30, 2002 4:14 pm

Yeah, it's me the same groovyOne from Freak!. Yeah, my Freak! site stopped getting updated when i had some major life changes (new job and moving to France for year). I've been meaning to start it up again but my day gig (and semi night gig) has kept me very busy.

Damage and Friends were nice enough to let me post some stuff here in the meantime while I get my act together. The new Freak! may not be the same as the old (i've grown up since then :wink: ) but i think you may like it the same.
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Postposted on Tue Apr 30, 2002 6:52 pm

that case looks like an interesting combination rip off. They didn't just remake soldam's pandora plus, they combined the pandora and the polo T (also from Soldam).

It's nice to see some innovative copying - using two sources instead of one - these days. :)
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