When is the GeForce 4 4200 coming out?

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Postposted on Fri Mar 01, 2002 1:12 pm

I heard that the GeForce 4 4200 would be coming out soon and that it'd be available for $199. Does anyone know when it'll be out and how much it'll really cost? Thanks,
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Postposted on Sat Mar 02, 2002 2:31 am

Don't know any solid info, but the rumours I heard put the release at in a couple of months, and price at the same $199.
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Postposted on Mon Mar 04, 2002 10:38 am

All I know is what Damage had posted about it a while back <a href="http://www.tech-report.com/onearticle.x/3381" target=blank>here</a>.
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