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F@H Info Thread

Postposted on Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:45 pm

The goal of this thread is just to help organize the F@H forum information like suggested in the TR folding team thread. Hopefully this or something like it will decrease the number of sticks and help organize things for the TR team.

Stanford Links:
Setup and Clients:
Stanford F@H Downloads
Stanford F@H High Performance clients
Stanford FAQs:
Stanford General FAQ
Stanford GPU FAQ
Stanford GPU2 FAQ
Stanford SMP FAQ
Stanford PS3 FAQ

WIndows/Linux General app install + Welcome:
Welcome to team 2630!
Linux SMP:
The easy Linux SMP Install guide (including for Windows XP!)

notfred's Diskless App:
Diskless Folding Virtual Appliance

Sub teams thread:
UnitedGerbilNation Census
UnitedGerbilNation's drive to the Top

Performance, power usage, stats and help links:
Linux/OSX SMP core update increases throughput > 35%
GPU2 Client performance -> important information
Some important F@H Links - UPDATED 1/3/06
Advanced Folding@home Options (dated)
Milestones: 100K and above

Fun/Holiday/Major Troop Rallying Threads:
The CALL to ARMS. What's your contribution?
Make frankenbot scary for halloween - 2008
Make frankenbot scary for halloween -2007
Making TRFrankenbot scary for Halloween, 2004

Team improvement suggestions thread:
TR folding team

Suggestions for other possible write ups to link too:
Write up on what processor/GPU configurations should have what kind of client installed. Maybe using important info from the Front page?
TR install guide for windows SMP.
TR install guide for GPU client installs.
TR install guide for PS3 client installs.

Any comments or suggestions for Threads to link are welcome.

(Post to be updated as needed.)
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Re: F@H Info Thread

Postposted on Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:59 pm

Thank you, tfp! I believe you've hit on a solution to our sticky congestion. I will defer to JBI, but I think you have a Gold Metal Winner here.
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Re: F@H Info Thread

Postposted on Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:32 am

Looks pretty good to me... having an "index thread" like this seems like a reasonable thing to do to try and keep things more organized.


We should discuss which of the other stickies should be un-stickied. (Maybe all of them?)
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Re: F@H Info Thread

Postposted on Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:10 am

I would think all of them? If a thread is active/very active it will be right under the index thread anyways most of the time. If a thread isn't active (two of the stickies haven't had a post in over a year) no need to push down active threads as there should be a link in the index for threads that contain important info.
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