Gaming on the Grid with Nvidia's Shield Tablet 8
Civ: Beyond Earth with Mantle aims to end multi-GPU microstuttering 88
AMD's CEO transition is a natural next step 75
Maxwell's Dynamic Super Resolution explored4K resolutions on smaller displays? Hmm 115
Euclideon preps voxel rendering tech for use in gamesWe get the scoop from Euclideon CEO Bruce Dell 70
Nvidia's GeForce GTX 980 and 970 graphics cards reviewedThe bigger Maxwell arrives in style 435
Asus' ROG Swift PG278Q G-Sync monitor reviewedEverything is awesome when you're part of a team 152
Nvidia's Shield Tablet reviewedA whole other kind of Android tablet 29
First impressions of Nvidia's Shield TabletMobile gaming done right 43
Video review: Corsair Raptor M45, Vengeance M65 & M95Gaming mice from simple to complex 41
A closer look at DirectX 12...or, rather, at Direct3D 12 114
A quick look at Mantle on AMD's Kaveri APUPushin' it to the limit 119
Broken Age and the Kickstarter factor 46
First look: AMD Mantle CPU performance in Battlefield 4A new frontier for PC gaming? 340
A subjective look at the A8-7600's gaming performance 95
Oculus Rift's 'Crystal Cove' prototype tickles our rods and cones 77
A first look at Nvidia's G-Sync display techWe lean too far toward the screen, fall in, and don't want to come out 204
Goodbye, consoles 128
Brawling my way through Batman: Arkham Origins 43
Delving deeper into AMD's Mantle APIDispatches from APU13 194
A few thoughts on Nvidia's G-Sync 157
Not-quite-live blog: panel discussion with John Carmack, Tim Sweeney, Johan AnderssonThree game engine gurus talk about PC gaming tech 38
Live blog from day two of Nvidia's Montreal 2013 eventThis one should be interesting 32
Live blog from day one of Nvidia's Montreal 2013 eventFollow along as... something or other happens here 24
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Origin has a holiday sale going on, too26
Grab Game of Thrones, BioShock Infinite in today's Steam deals13
The new Star Citizen trailer looks amazing43
Xbox dev explains why 30 FPS isn't enough102
Today's Steam deals include Saints Row IV, The Walking Dead26
S.T.A.L.K.E.R studio re-opens, plans new project20
Today's Steam deals include AC Unity, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel32
AC Unity season pass holders can now redeem their free game15
This year's Steam Holiday Sale is on35
Minecraft: Story Mode coming next year8
Saitek is making a custom controller for Farming Simulator27
GeForce 347.09 driver is ready for Elite: Dangerous, new Metal Gear Solid12
Nvidia FleXes new PhysX effects92
Just Cause 3 screenshots show tropical vistas, explosions9
Metro Redux bundle lands on Linux, SteamOS20
Xbox chief: '[I]t's time for us to talk about gaming on Windows'223
Deal of the week: a 27'' IPS monitor for $180 and a 1TB MLC SSD for $37042
SimCity 2000 is free on Origin right now47
Fourth AC Unity patch to address 'most' remaining problems22
No Man's Sky is looking better and better50
Eidos gives possible glimpse of new Deus Ex project47
Video shows The Crew's PC-exclusive eye candy23
Valve adds Twitch-like broadcasting to Steam44
Two Batman games join the Grid catalog8
Epic sends out first invites for Fortnite alpha12
Black Friday brings a bounty of PC game discounts15
Deal of the week: Black Friday begins31
Ubisoft doles out freebies to make up for AC Unity issues26
Nvidia expands Grid selection with #GridTuesday initiative5
Far Cry 4 patch addresses black-screen issue44
Batman kicks butt in new Arkham Knight gameplay vid17
Just Cause 3 won't have multiplayer at launch11
The TR Podcast 166 is now available on YouTube24
Report: Valve lays out new rules for Early Access games72
Telltale's Game of Thrones game looks pretty good13
Acer's new 27'' G-Sync monitor scales up to 144Hz32
Ubisoft hard at work on further AC Unity performance tweaks60
AMD and Nvidia have new drivers for Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition53
Hacker turns keyboard backlight into video game display15
Lost Ark trailer shows eight minutes of Diablo-style action32
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