Gigabyte boosts i-RAM speed, capacity

— 9:14 AM on June 6, 2006

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Gigabyte's i-RAM is easily one of the most unique storage products on the market, and it's about to get an upgrade. Gigabyte had what it now calls the GC-RAMDISK on display at its Computex booth, and while the unit wasn't a final revision, we were able to learn a number of things about the i-RAM's successor.

As you can see, the GC-RAMDISK no longer relies on an empty PCI slot for power. Instead, Gigabyte's crammed the unit into a 5.25" drive bay insert that pulls power from a four-pin molex connector. An onboard battery still keeps the memory powered when the system is shut down, though.

Gigabyte told us that when the latest GC-RAMDISK hits the market, it will support up to 8 GB of DDR2 memory—twice the capacity of the original i-RAM. 300 MB/s Serial ATA transfer rates are also on the menu, addressing our only real gripes with the Gigabyte's first stab at solid state storage.

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