Intel U.S. retail share overtakes AMD

— 9:20 AM on July 11, 2006

Intel has overtaken AMD in U.S. retail sales for June, according to a Current Analysis report quoted by CNet. The report says Intel's overall share of processor sales in the retail market jumped from 42.2% in May to 51.2% in June, while AMD's share tumbled from 57.4% to 48.5%. Intel's growth can be attributed to the notebook market, where the company went from 57.3% of retail sales in May to 66.2% in June. Current Analysis says these gains are due to an emphasis on cheap Celeron M notebooks, a large portion of which Toshiba-built and retailed for $599 or below.

While Intel made strides in the notebook segment, AMD retained its lead in the desktop arena. The Current Analysis report says AMD had a whopping 73% of desktop retail sales, whereas Intel had just 26.8%. AMD's desktop lead is only in the sub-$750 segment, though—Intel has the upper hand in desktop machines $750 and up.

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