Solid-state mobile hard drive coming from TDK, too

— 5:01 PM on September 18, 2006

Samsung announced a 32GB flash-based solid state hard drive back in March, and now TDK has hopped on the solid-state disk bandwagon with a very similar product. The TDK drive also packs 32GB of data in a mobile form factor and hooks up to a standard IDE interface. However, it's reportedly a little bigger and its data transfer speeds are lower than the Samsung device. Reg Hardware say the TDK newcomer is 80% the size of a conventional 2.5" notebook drive, while Samsung's offering has a 1.8" form factor. The Samsung drive also has a maximum read speed of 57MB/s, twice as fast as the TDK model's top transfer rate of 33.3MB/s. No pricing or release date was announced for the TDK drive, but it's currently being sampled to storage companies.

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