65nm AMD 'Barcelona' wafer pictured

— 1:03 AM on September 29, 2006

While Intel is busy showing off its upcoming quad-core Kentsfield processor to the press, AMD is still a few months away from being able to retaliate properly—4x4 notwithstanding. Still, AMD has reportedly chosen Microsoft's Global High Tech Summit in Santa Clara, California to show off a shiny wafer filled with 65nm "Barcelona" (a.k.a. K8L) processor cores, and the folks at The Inquirer have managed to take a couple of pictures. Assuming this is a 300mm wafer, each quad-core die has an area somewhere in the neighborhood of 300mm². For reference, Intel's Core 2 Duo has a 143mm² area, so it follows that Kentsfield, which is just a couple of Conroe dies on the same package, has an aggregate die area of 286mm². Of course, Kentsfield will pack 8MB of total L2 cache, while Barcelona has been reported to include 512KB of L2 cache per core and 2MB of shared L3 cache.

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