Friday night topic: Where do you get your news?

— 6:15 PM on October 6, 2006

I'm not talking about tech news here; I'm talking about politics, current events, happenings in the world. Geoff and I started kicking this one around, and pointed out a study claiming network TV is no better than The Daily Show, a point I can't dispute. It's just that I never watch network TV news since it's so worthless. (Same for The Daily Show.)

So the question is: where do you get your news? Via what medium or media, and from what organizations? Do you take in the facts from more information-oriented news sources and then seek editorial perspective elsewhere, or have you found a single or small number of sources that satisfy your need for both? And do you think your news sources reinforce your existing views of things, challenge them, or remain magically neutral? Discuss.

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