AMD reveals details about quad-core architecture

— 9:57 AM on October 12, 2006

Following a talk by AMD's Ben Sander at the 2006 Microprocessor Forum, the guys over at The Inquirer have put together an interesting article about AMD's next-generation quad-core chip now known as "Barcelona." A fair amount of the information there has been covered already with more or less detail, but there are a few new nuggets of information to be found. One of those is the fact that Barcelona's two memory controllers work independently, allowing the chip to hit two memory locations at once. Another is that Barcelona has enhanced virtualization support: AMD is quoted as saying that the new core cuts switching time in the "hypervisor," or virtualization software layer, by 25%. The rest of the article fleshes out some of the changes AMD has made to implement known features of the new design.

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