DFI RD600 motherboard pictured

— 12:32 AM on October 13, 2006

Despite rumors that motherboard manufacturers are wary of adopting ATI's new RD600 chipset, DFI's upcoming RD600 motherboard appears to be alive and well—at least in new sneak shots that have been leaked to DailyTech. The pictures show a board that's visibly part of DFI's LANParty lineup and features three PCI Express x16 slots, three PCI slots, eight Serial ATA ports, dual LAN controllers, and FireWire. Going by early overclocking results squeezed out of an RD600 reference board by the folks at TweakTown two months ago, the board may have rather mean overclocking potential, as well. DailyTech says the DFI board will be introduced as the LANParty UT RD600-T2R/G "within the next month or two" with a retail price that may be above $200.

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Top contributors
1. BIF - $340 2. Ryu Connor - $250 3. mbutrovich - $250
4. YetAnotherGeek2 - $200 5. End User - $150 6. Captain Ned - $100
7. Anonymous Gerbil - $100 8. Bill Door - $100 9. ericfulmer - $100
10. dkanter - $100
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