Ageia cooking up PhysX 'SLI'?

— 1:07 PM on October 20, 2006

Release notes for Ageia's latest PhysX drivers have let slip an interesting tidbit about a new feature Ageia might be cooking up for its physics accelerators. Accessible here, the release notes include the following information in a list of enhancements introduced by version 2.6 of the PhysX developer toolkit:

Hardware Scene Manager (HSM)
  • The HSM now uses Compartments, allowing the utilization of multiple PhysX cards in future versions.
  • The interface of the HSM has been completely revised.
The folks over at X-bit labs believe Ageia's drivers will be able to split a game scene into multiple 3D compartments, each one containing a number of physics objects bound to a separate PhysX card. The release notes give no indication of when or if Ageia will implement this feature. However, the company may wait until after it releases its first PCI Express-based PhysX card this Christmas.
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