Will trade Apples Flambé for new laptop

— 1:19 AM on August 22, 2000

The saga of the flaming Powerbook is drawing to a close. Take a look at the story at Wired which details the Powerbook 5300 trade-in program. You will recall that the 5300 is the first PowerPC-based Powerbook; its other distinction (which Apple would just as soon everyone forget) was that its original battery could overheat during recharging, in some cases bursting into flames and possibly setting the laptop on fire, as well.

Apple recalled the machines and replaced the faulty batteries, then later extended the warranty to cover other problems with the 5300. Now they're offering $700 off of a current Powerbook in exchange for every 5300 traded in. Personally, I'm bummed; this greatly reduces my chances of someday getting a 5300 super-cheap. I wanted to pour gasoline on it and set it on fire as a fitting tribute to the most famous laptop of all time.

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