Kevin Rose leaks iPhone details

— 10:51 AM on December 4, 2006

Today's latest rumor about the purported Apple iPhone comes from a rather unusual source: Digg founder and former TechTV show co-host Kevin Rose. In his latest Diggnation video podcast, an inebriated Kevin Rose can be seen letting slip a few details about the device after repeated probing by co-host Alex Albrecht.

According to Rose, the iPhone will set itself apart from most music-playing phones by including two batteries. One battery will power the cell phone part, while the other will take care of the music-playing part, allowing users to listen to music without having to worry about their phone's battery life. Other features will supposedly include a slide-out keyboard and perhaps even a touch-screen display. Rose says the iPhone will launch in January with 4GB and 8GB capacities at prices of $249 and $449, and that it will be available through all phone carriers. Thanks to The Inquirer for the tip.

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