TR Forum Tidings: How do you backup your data?

— 5:07 PM on January 16, 2007

This week, we've noticed a thread in our forums about backup methods. In the thread, SnowboardingTobi asks, "how do you backup your data?" and cites Nero's DVD backup feature as his own usual method. The replies are interesting, as our forum gerbils have found a variety of ways to keep their data safe, from RAID-1/RAID-5 arrays and external USB or eSATA storage to plain old manual DVD backups. Some gerbils also detail how backups are handled in their workplace. In Just Brew It's case, this involves a server with a RAID-5 array and tape backups. What about you, though? How do you secure your data? Whether you're looking for a better method or simply eager to tell everyone about your backup habits, feel free to hop into the thread.

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